Due to the major concerns raised by the carbon materials industry about the virus spread in the world, and after consulting  the Carbontech organizing committee and key stakeholders and companies, the Carbontech Global organizing committee has decided to postpone  Carbontech Global 2020. The new dates of  Carbontech Global 2020 Will be determined after the epidemic is over.The recent spread of the coronavirus in new countries last week, and especially countries playing an important role in the carbon materials industry such as China, South Korea and Italy, Germany, Japan,has obliged the Carbontech Global organizing committee and key stakeholders of the industry to reassess the current situation. Increased travel restrictions from authorities, but also at corporate level, both from exhibiting and visiting companies, have drastically reduced the potential attendance to the show. Moreover, the latest developments of the coronavirus have significantly increased the concerns of participating companies about the health of their employees. Carbontech Global organizing committee has the same concerns, having health and safety of their exhibitors, visitors, partners and staff as a numer one priority.

We are aware that this decision will require industry professionals, exhibitors, partners, engineers, researchers and buyers to re-schedule their attendance, which will have a significant impact on their organizations, as it will for the Carbontech Global organizing committee. We trust though that given the current situation, which is continously evolving, everyone involved will understand our common and industry decision.

For any question, please contact Carbontech Global organizing committee Hotline:

By email:bella@carbontechglobal.cn

By phone: +86 574 8791 9856


Formulate New Solutions. Encourage Innovation. Promote Cooperation

We will provide an interactive, collaborative and global experience for you. The conference will be subversive and innovative based on our rich experience in international Carbon materials events.

Diamond & DLC

5+ Workshop
Innovative application & Hot topic
100+ Speakers
Influential experts and scholars from the world & Wonderful reports
300+ Companies
Communication and cooperation


Combining production with research; Promoting the healthy development of scientific research and industry

Breakthrough and innovation

Meet the whole carbon materials supply chain, from raw material to mass production

Look for high-end talents through “TALENT PLAN”

Exchange with the final industries key opinion leaders

Seek projects and investment opportunities

Benefit from the show coverage to launch your new products & solutions

This conference will add value for all attendees by offering sessions on high level strategy, technical case studies, supply chain insights, and promote your brand.